Fast-luks scriptΒΆ

The fast-luks bash script is responsible for Laniakea Storage encryption. It parse common cryptsetup parameters to encrypt the volume. For this reason it checks for cryptsetup and dm-setup packages and it install cryptsetup, if not installed.

The default encryption parameters are:

cipher_algorithm: aes-xts-plain64
keysize: 256
hash_algorithm: sha256
device: /dev/vdb
cryptdev: crypt [this is randomly generated]
mountpoint: /export
filesystem: ext4

From version v3.0.1 Hashicorp Vault support has been integrated. It exploits a Vault token with the right write policy only, which can be used only one time and for a limited time duration (currently configured to expire after 12 hours), to store user secret passphrases. A temporary python virtual environment is created allowing fast-luks to store secrets on vault and then it is deleted.

The fast-luks script is automatically downloaded in /home/galaxy/laniakea_utils/fast-luks.

Full documentation on fast-luks script is hosted here.


The script requires superuser rights.