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Laniakea provides the possibility to automate the creation of Galaxy-based virtualized environments through an easy setup procedure, providing an on-demand workspace ready to be used by life scientists and bioinformaticians.

Galaxy is a workflow manager adopted in many life science research environments in order to facilitate the interaction with bioinformatics tools and the handling of large quantities of biological data.

Once deployed each Galaxy instance will be fully customizable with tools and reference data and running in an insulated environment, thus providing a suitable platform for research, training and even clinical scenarios involving sensible data. Sensitive data requires the development and adoption of technologies and policies for data access, including e.g. a robust user authentication platform.

For more information on the Galaxy Project, please visit the

Laniakea has been developed by ELIXIR-IIB, the italian node of ELIXIR, within the INDIGO-DataCloud project (H2020-EINFRA-2014-2) which aims to develop PaaS based cloud solutions for e-science.


Laniakea is in fast development. For this reason the code and the documentation may not always be in sync. We try to make our best to have good documentatation


If you need support please contact us to:

Software glitches and bugs can occasionally be encoutered. The best way to report a bug is to open an issue on our GitHub repository.



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