Get Galaxy

The Galaxy section allows user to deploy a full Galaxy production environment.

The service allows to setup and launch a virtual machine configured with the Operative System CentOS 7 and the auxiliary applications needed to support a Galaxy production environment such as PostgreSQL, Nginx, uWSGI and Proftpd and to deploy the Galaxy platform itself and the selected Galaxt tools.


Everything is configured on the fly and, depending on the number of the tools to be installed may take time.

See also

For a detailed descreption of all Web UI options see section: Laniakea options.

See also

To login into the portal see section: Authentication.

Instantiate Galaxy

  1. Enter the Galaxy section:

    Galaxy express main window
  2. Describe your instance using the Instance description field, which will identfy your Galaxy in the job list, once your request is submitted.

  3. Select your instance flavour (virtual CPUs and the memory size):

    Currently, the following pre-sets are available, but not all of them are enabled.

    Name VCPUs RAM Total Disk Root Disk
    small 1 2 GB 20 GB 20 GB
    medium 2 4 GB 20 GB 20 GB
    large 4 8 GB 20 GB 20 GB
    xlarge 8 16 GB 20 GB 20 GB
    xxlarge 16 32 GB 20 GB 20 GB
  4. Copy & Paste your SSH key, to login in the Galaxy instance:

    SSH public key injection
  5. Storage section allows to select the user storage volume size. The Enable encryption flag is explained here: Get encrypted instance.

    Galaxy express Storage section
  6. Select the Galaxy version, the instance administrator e-mail and your custom Galaxy brand:

    Galaxy express Galxy configuration section


Please insert a vail mail address. No check is performed on its syntax, but entering an incorrect email address will cause deployment failure if the encryption option is set.

  1. Select Galaxy tools pre-set:

    Galaxy express Tools section
  2. and reference dataset:

    Galaxy express Tools section
  3. Finally, SUBMIT your request:

    Galaxy express submit request

Galaxy login

The galaxy administrator password and the API key are automatically generated during the instatiation procedure and are the same for each instance:

User: your user e-mail

Password: galaxy_admin_password



The anonymous login is by default disabled.


Change Galaxy password and the API key as soon as possible!