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The INDIGO PaaS Orchestrator is the key software component of the INDIGO PaaS layer, it receives deployment requests from the user interface software layer, and coordinates the deployment process over the IaaS platforms. Then the Infrastructure Manager deploysn the customized virtual infrastructure on IaaS Cloud deployment.

The INDIGO PaaS Orchestrator takes the deployment requests written in TOSCA YAML Simple Profile v1.0. To correctly orchestrate Galaxy deployment the following component are needed:

  • Ansible roles: automate software installation and configuration (see section Galaxycloud Ansible Roles)
  • Custom type: define user configurable parameters, node requirements, call ansible playbooks.
  • Artifact: define what to install and how to do it, through ansible role configuration.
  • TOSCA template: the orchestrator interprets the TOSCA template and orchestrates the deployment.


This section is not inteded to be a complete guide to TOSCA types, but aims to describes the solutions adopted to deploy Galaxy.