Storage encryption procedure

To encrypt the Virtual machine external volume follow this procedure.

Virtual Machine login

Log-in into your machine with:

ssh -i your_private_ssh_key.key galaxy@virtual.machine.ip.address

encrypt procedure 01

Typical IP addresses are: 90.147.170.xx, 90.147.102.xx or 90.147.75.xx and it is reported in the e-mail we sent you. You can copy and past the command from the mail the system send you.

encrypt procedure 02

Probably, you have to permanently accept the connection, typing “yes”.

encrypt procedure 03

and then enter your SSH passphrase.

encrypt procedure 04

Passphrase creation

You will be now prompted in the encryption script automatically. You will be required to insert an alphanumeric key, at least 8 characters. A key is automatically generated, as example, plase do not use if for production!

You have to type your password three times:

  1. inject your password
  2. Confirm your password
  3. Unlock your encrypted volume

Insert your volume encrypt/decrypt password for the first time:

encrypt procedure 05

and confirm it:

encrypt procedure 06

If the passphrases don’t match, restart the procedure.

Unlock the volume

Unlock the encrypted volume typing again your password:

encrypt procedure 07

The volume will be now encrypted and you will be automatically log-out the VM, until Galaxy is installed.

encrypt procedure 08